Economy and Society

Prerequisites: SOC-UA 1

This course will introduce students to sociological perspectives on “economic” behavior. Economic sociologists study concepts and institutions that economists assume to be fairly obvious and transparent as socially constructed and culturally and historically specific. For example, if everything is purchasable, why is sex-work still illegal in many countries? Can we negotiate and purchase intimacy, love, or friendship? What is the relationship between money and morality? What is the role of trust in enabling market exchange? If the market is supposed to work well due to supply and demand, why does it fail so often that our society must assume its periodical failure? How did college education in America get so expensive? The course requires active participation, project work, and presentation on an aspect of economic life students are interested in.






Fall 2020

Nahoko Kameo
TR: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM 295L 4156