Latina Feminist Studies

SAME AS ENGL-UA 59.002/LATC-UA 341.001. Counts as a Faculty Elective for the following majors/minors: American, Gender & Sexuality, Latino, and SCA.

Designed as seminar on contemporary cultural production by Latina feminist artists. Theory/cultural criticism paired with corresponding object of study, i.e. film, fiction, poetry, visual and performance art. First half of course models rigorous scholarship for student, offering different theoretical perspectives for interpreting cultural objects as social and political texts. Advanced seminar, experience with theoretical reading recommended. Second half of the course focuses on cultural production (film, fiction, poetry, visual and performance art). We will critically analyze recurrent tropes and themes—the borderlands as geographical and psychic boundary; the "mestiza" or "mulata" body as metaphor; assimilation experiences and familial relations; racism and education; revolution and political violence as theme; the literature of exile; the figure of the Malinche/la llorona as race traitor or victim; the domestic/maquiladora worker as virgin or whore—that occur throughout aesthetics of contemporary Latina artists in order to better understand the racial politics within post-nationalist movements for social justice.






Fall 2022

Maria Saldana
T: 6:20 PM - 9:00 PM 20CS 4SEM