Intermed Cantonese II

Prerequisite: SCA-UA 333

Prerequisite: SCA-UA 333 or take an online placement exam at This is an advanced-level language and culture course following Elementary Cantonese. At this level, when the basic skills and working vocabulary have been mastered, emphasis is placed on the linguistic rules to enable students to communicate with more competence. The lessons focus not only on language, but also use a holistic approach and incorporate discussions on history, current events, literature, pop culture, and native values. Because language is key to connecting with community concerns, the course also includes field trips to Chinatown and other Cantonese-speaking neighborhoods. (One semester of Cantonese or Filipino elective for A/P/A majors/minors, one semester of language can count as elective for SCA majors/minors when taught by SCA faculty.)






Spring 2022

Pui-Shan Hui
TR: 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM 20CS 4SEM