Approaches to American Studies

Can count as ONLY ONE of the following: Intro for American majors/minors OR SCA major, not minor, not an elective. ONLY OFFERED IN FALL, MAJORS MUST TAKE BY JUNIOR YEAR.

Offers a survey of American studies as dynamic fields of scholarship. Using a schedule of keywords, it engages key themes and concerns, including war?s role in social and political development, the meaning of borders, the politics of entertainment, public interest in private affairs, and the interplay of goods and labor in shaping national (and transnational) conditions of fulfillment and dignity. It is intended to serve as a gateway to lines of inquiry and analysis currently animating interdisciplinary study of ?America?; as an opportunity to relate current debates to respective historical contexts; and as an occasion to interrogate presumptions of the United States? exceptionality, at a time when its interrelation with broader worlds becomes ever more clear.






Fall 2022

Emmaia Gelman
TR: 4:55 PM - 6:10 PM 20CS 4SEM