Approaches to Africana Studies

CORE Social Science, Can count as ONLY ONE of the following: Intro for GSS major/minor & SCA major (not minor), not an elective. ONLY OFFERED IN FALL, MAJORS MUST TAKE BY JUNIOR YEAR.

Formerly SCA-UA 101. Either this course OR Cultures and Contexts: The Black Atlantic (CORE-UA 534) can count as the second Introductory course for the Africana Studies major or minor or the SCA major (but not the SCA minor). Specific topics may include the question of African retention in the Americas, the comparative study of slavery, the concept of creolization, an understanding of the black Atlantic, and the meaning of diasporic studies, as well as the use of history, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, literature, music, and the arts to document and transmit the experiences of black peoples.






Fall 2022

David J Dent
MW: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM 20CS 4CONF