Lit of Modern Ireland II

SAME AS G41.1084, G65.1088, & G42.1084.

This course surveys two centuries of Irish literature through exploration of the Irish Big House novel and related writing. We begin with Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic gothic novel, Uncle Silas (1864), and conclude the course with Tana French’s best-selling mystery novel, The Likeness (2009). The literature we cover in between ranges from WB Yeats’s late poems and his great play Purgatory through Catholic nationalist writer Dorothy Macardle’s 1942 The Uninvited; the course emphasizes work by women including Elizabeth Bowen, Molly Keane, and Edith Somerville and Martin Ross, It charts the rise and decline of the Protestant ruling class in Ireland, considering the stylistic and genre conventions of literature as they are shaped by political, social, and postcolonial forces. Close readings will intersect with discussion of social and political contexts including Empire, anti-colonial movements, WWI, the War of Independence, and Irish neutrality during WWII. Alongside historical and political contexts, we will consider the influence of Irish and global literary movements, including the Victorian realist tradition, the gothic, modernism, the Irish Revival, and critical approaches to feminism, sexuality, class, and the environment.






Spring 2022

Kelly Elissa Sullivan
T: 6:10 PM - 8:40 PM ERIN 101