South Asian Literature

$SAME AS V29.0717

This course will introduce you to a selection of writings in various Indian languages available in translation in English. The focus of this course is on the representation of gender and sexuality, as well as its relation to other factors such as class, caste, religion or ethnicity and how the depictions are mediated particularly through emerging fictional conventions in prose writing. We begin with pre-independence texts and then move on to the narratives of Partition. As we examine the cultural and historical contexts within which literature has evolved in South Asia, we also look at the voices of women and the role they play in the development of literary movements. Finally, we examine contemporary texts to gain a broader understanding of how tradition and modernity are embedded in South Asian literature with emphasis of gender representations.

Addresses the rich literary product of modern and contemporary South Asia. Offers more advanced undergraduates a window on a rich and culturally varied area of the world, as well as an understanding of aspects of South Asian history and society as represented in translations of modern prose writing (short stories and novels) originally written in South Asian languages.






Spring 2020

Gabriela Nik Ilieva
T: 4:55 PM - 7:35 PM KEVO LL1