Spring 2021 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Introductory Courses

HIST-UA 10 United States Since 1865

HIST-UA 12 Modern Europe

HIST-UA 45 World War II

HIST-UA 56 Modern African History

HIST-UA 70 History in the Headlines

HIST-UA 75 Pandemics in Film

HIST-UA 75.002 Asylum Practicum

HIST-UA 93 Nationalism, the Cold War, and the End of Empire, 1941-2001

Advanced US Courses

HIST-UA 293 global medicine and disease

HIST-UA 629 Asylum in Crisis

HIST-UA 648 African American History Since 1865

HIST-UA 699 Atomic Bombs and Station Wagons: American Fiction as Cold War History

Advanced European Courses

HIST-UA 202 History of Western Medicine

HIST-UA 275 Money in World History

HIST-UA 276 War and Cinema from WWI to Arab Spring

HIST-UA 304 History of Byzantine Empire I, 4th-9th c.

Advanced Non-West Courses

HIST-UA 548 Samurai and Mongols: Japan's Eurasian Dream

HIST-UA 551 students and protest in modern china (including hong kong)

HIST-UA 565 China's revolutions in the modern world

HIST-UA 569 Empire and Decolonization

HIST-UA 570 The Cost of Freedom in the Post-emancipation Caribbean

HIST-UA 670 WW2 in Russia and Asia

HIST-UA 681 Race and Reproduction

HIST-UA 745 Modern Latin America


HIST-UA 911 Revolution in Latin America

HIST-UA 912 20th C. US History in Film

HIST-UA 913 twentieth century europe-political violence, economic disruption, revival

HIST-UA 914 the beautiful game: hillsborough

HIST-UA 920 Medieval France: From Regions to Nation

capstone seminars

HIST-UA 443 the history of fame

HIST-UA 445 Political Economy and Empire

HIST-UA 454 Historical Consciousness in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST-UA 471 Writing Stories / Making History

HIST-UA 472 Religion, Politics and Society in the Modern Middle East