Fall 2021 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Introductory Courses

HIST-UA 9 United States to 1865

HIST-UA 23 Espionage and the Making of the Modern World

HIST-UA 55 Africa Before Colonialism

HIST-UA 70 History in the Headlines

HIST-UA 93 Empire and US Foreign Policy

HIST-UA 94 Modern South Asia

Advanced US Courses

HIST-UA 275 Latino History

HIST-UA 283 History of Big Data

HIST-UA 293 Seminar in History of Medicine

HIST-UA 508 US Immigration

HIST-UA 565 Crime & Punishment in Black and White

HIST-UA 625 History of the American West

HIST-UA 661 Black Women in America

HIST-UA 665 War Films and American History

HIST-UA 691 U.S. Foreign Relations since 1945

HIST-UA 699 Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in 20th-C. US History

HIST-UA 747 Intro to Native American and Indigenous Studies

Advanced European Courses

HIST-UA 111 The Early Middle Ages, 300-1050

HIST-UA 112 The Soviet Union

HIST-UA 182 History of Modern Ireland I: 1580-1800

HIST-UA 175 Economic Thought from Hesiod to Keynes

HIST-UA 213 History of World Trade

HIST-UA 262 The World of Medieval Magic

HIST-UA 272 20th Century European Capitalism

HIST-UA 536 Chernobyl: History of a Disaster

Advanced Non-West Courses

HIST-UA 314 History of Mountains and Mountaineering

HIST-UA 546 Mao and the Chinese Revolution

HIST-UA 557 Afro-Eurasia Before Modernity

HIST-UA 569 Empire and Decolonization

HIST-UA 629 Empires in Early Modern Global Asia

HIST-UA 709 The Cold War in Asia

HIST-UA 721 Brazil and the Global Sixties

HIST-UA 744 Informal Empire, U.S.-Latin American Relations


HIST-UA 910 World War I & Postwar Treaties

HIST-UA 911 Historical Memory in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST-UA 912 African Decolonization and Radicalisms

HIST-UA 913 Nations and Nationalisms in Europe (18-15-1947)

HIST-UA 914 The Quota Act of 1921: Origins and Legacies

capstone seminars

HIST-UA 401 Propaganda

HIST-UA 413 Native Peoples and Sovereignty in the Americas

HIST-UA 441 New Technologies and the History of Ideas, 1914-2001

HIST-UA 473 Health, Power and Poverty