Introductory Courses

HIST-UA 9 US TO 1865

HIST-UA 66 Introduction of science and society

HIST-UA 70 History in the Headlines

Advanced US Courses

HIST-UA 158 History of Medicine

HIST-UA 565 Crime & Punishment in Black & White

HIST-UA 644 America in the 60's

HIST-UA 647 african american history to 1865

HIST-UA 698 Sport and Flim in American History

HIST-UA 814 Race, Civil War, and Reconstruction

Advanced European Courses

HIST-UA 111 The Early Middle Ages, 300-1050

HIST-UA 112 history of world trade

HIST-UA 175 Classical Anarchism

HIST-UA 175.002 Economic Thought From Hesiod to Keynes

HIST-UA 536 Revolutions in Modern Europe (1830-1968)

HIST-UA 538 Capitalism & Geopolitics, 1450-2050

HIST-UA 629 Energy and Geopolitics in the Era of Climate Change

HIST-UA 670 German History and Culture, 1500-1900

HIST-UA 9022 Renaissance and Early Modern Europe

Advanced Non-West Courses

HIST-UA 275.002 Global Asia Before and After Genghis Khan

HIST-UA 526 The Chinese Cultural Revolution in Global Context

HIST-UA 537 History of Modern Japan

HIST-UA 709 The Cold War in Asia, 1945-2001

HIST-UA 816 Nationalism and Global History


HIST-UA 911 War and the Environment

HIST-UA 912 Labor Regimes in Latin America from Slavery to the Gig Economy

HIST-UA 913 Modern Intellectual History: Key Thinkers of Sovereignty in the 20th Century

HIST-UA 914 Forging a Latino History

Capstone Seminars

HIST-UA 401 Italian Facism

HIST-UA 421 Histories of Neoliberalism

HIST-UA 471 Race and Family Stories