Fall 2020 Graduate Courses

GERM-GA 1115

Origins of German Critical Thought I: The “Culture of Art” in Germany, 1750-1820

GERM-GA 2610

Special Topics in Theory: Wittgenstein: Ethics and Mysticism, Religion and Aesthetics

GERM-GA 3100

Seminar in Political Theory: Political Hermeneutics: Hannah Arendt


Unpacking Derrida's Library: The Archives of Deconstruction

GERM-GA 2224

Topics in Cultural Analysis & German Thought: The Time it Takes: from Novel to Film

GERM-GA 2222

Topics in 20th Century German Culture: Mid-Century Cinema: A Transatlantic Dialog

GERM-GA 2700

Topics in Modern Political Philosophy: Theories of Freedom: Experience and Politics