SPAN-GA 2967.001

Temblor del tiempo humano: temporalidades y política en la ficción latinoamericana contemporánea

SPAN-GA 2977.001

The Visual Culture of the Spanish Civil War

SPAN-GA 2978.002

The Hemispheric Imaginary: Sovereignty, Place Making, and World Making in the Americas

SPAN-GA 2965.001

Seminar in Theory: Translation and the Global Hispanophone

SPAN-GA 2968.001

Devouring and Being: Anthropophagy and Cannibalism through the ‘Ontological Turn’

SPAN-GA 2966.001

We Should All Be Women Writers

SPAN-GA 3545.001

Dissertation Workshop I

SPAN-GA 2977.002

Introducción a Don Quijote


Theorizing Public Humanities: Ecologies of Emotion


Practicing Public Humanities: Data, Data Publics, and Decolonization