This seminar provides an introduction to the study of inequality, fairness, and their connection. Topics in the study of inequality include the principles of inequality measurement, the two types of inequality (inequality between persons and inequality between subgroups), major measures of overall inequality, and major measures of subgroup inequality. Topics in the study of fairness include the four major fairness processes – ideas of just rewards, determination of actual rewards, evaluations of the fairness or unfairness of actual rewards, and behavioral and social consequences of the fairness evaluations. Topics in the study of the inequality-justice connection include the exact connection between inequality and fairness in a variety of social scenarios, links between input inequality and outcome inequality, model-based inequality effects of the sense of justice, and links between the goodness or badness of things and the goodness or badness of their inequality. Empirical examples will be examined for every topic. DEPARTMENT CONSENT REQUIRED.

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Spring 2022

Guillermina Jasso
R: 4:55 PM - 7:40 PM 45W4 B07