Consumer Research Methods

Prerequisites: PSYCH-GA.2016 OR PSYCH-GA.2211 OR PSYCH-GA.2228 OR PSYCH-GA.2229 OR PSYCH-GA.2239.

Prerequisites: PSYCH-GA 2016 OR PSYCH-GA 2211 OR PSYCH-GA 2229

The primary objective is for students to understand the critical elements of designing and conducting consumer research. To accomplish this objective, we will integrate insights from consumer behavior and marketing along with principles of research methodology. While the examples we discuss in class will be primarily taken from consumer research, the same core principles apply to any kind of social science research. In this course, students will learn about both the theory and practice of consumer research design. We will read articles and book chapters on effect research methodologies, but you will also be required to apply this information about research process design to your final project.






Spring 2022

David A Bosch
W: 6:55 PM - 8:45 PM MEYR 102
Amalba Kola
W: 6:55 PM - 8:45 PM MEYR 102