Investigating Social Order. Welfare and Policing in France, Italy and the United States

How is social order produced? I draw lessons from the study of different arrangements of welfare and policing via case studies in Lyon, Milan, and East New York (Brooklyn), where I study crime control and social service delivery. Each case study involves different mixes of privatization, repression/toleration, and different racial politics. These studies have led me to ask: what is the order that is produced, what is defended by the police and social workers? I propose a research agenda based on insights of a seemingly unrelated work: Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century. Francois Bonnet is a sociologist and a CNRS assistant research professor at Pacte (Grenoble). His work has been published in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and a number of French journals. He has taught at Sciences Po, Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.) and the University of Amsterdam. He currently works on a book manuscript on social order in East New York, a poor, majority-minority neighborhood in Brooklyn. The book is based on an ethnographic study of a Manhattan-based NGO working on prisoner reentry.

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