Get Out the Vote! Campaign Techniques and Innovations to Mobilize Voters in France and in the U.S.

Two weeks before the mid-term elections of November 2014, our symposium discusses the rise of modern voter mobilization campaigns. Researchers from various disciplines and campaign managers from France and the U.S. compare campaign habits and most recent innovations in the two countries.

With the participation of Guillaume Liegey and Vincent Pons, our symposium is prompted by the publication of their Porte à porte. Along with Arthur Muller, the three young Frenchmen witnessed the success of President Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign from Cambridge, Mass. Inspired by the success of the campaign, they designed and implemented a voter mobilization project for the French Parti socialiste, which led them to run François Hollande's successful 2012 field campaign.

Vincent Feltesse, Anne Filipic, Donald P. Green, Guillaume Liegey, Marlon Marshall, Vincent Pons, Julien Talpin, Frédéric Sawicki

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