Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for the History Department?

how do i declare a major or minor in history?

how do i get cleared for registration?

What if my degree progress report does not accurately reflect my completed requirements?

Do I have to take introductory classes? What is the difference between introductory and advanced classes?

Can a pass/fail course count towards my major or minor?

Can a cross-listed course count towards my history major or minor?

Are there pre-requisites for any history courses?

Can I petition courses that I took outside of NYU or in another NYU department to count toward my major/minor?

Can I count a class I took abroad on a NYU program towards my major?

Do any of my Liberal Studies (LS) classes count towards my major or minor?

Can I count AP credit towards my major or minor?

Can I count CORE courses or First Year Seminars toward my major?

Can I count an Independent Study or Internship toward my major or minor?