Spring 2023 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Introductory Courses

HIST-UA 10 United States Since 1865

HIST-UA 12 Modern Europe

HIST-UA 66 Intro to Science and Society

HIST-UA 72 Afro-Eurasia Before Modernity

HIST-UA 79 Pandemics in World History

Advanced US Courses

HIST-UA 112 Witchcraft & Gender in the Atlantic World

HIST-UA 283 Intelligence and National Security

HIST-UA 282 American History Makers You Probably Never Heard Of

HIST-UA 269 History of Pornography

HIST-UA 293 Global Health and Disease

HIST-UA 370 The Right to Vote: A History

HIST-UA 538 Social Protest in Depression America

HIST-UA 644 America in the 1960s

HIST-UA 648 African-American History since 1865

Advanced European Courses

HIST-UA 104 The Medieval Life Cycle, from Birth to Rebirth

HIST-UA 114 High Middle Ages

HIST-UA 175 Histories of Masculinity

HIST-UA 176 Machiavelli

HIST-UA 181 The Irish Abroad in the Early Modern World

HIST-UA 369 Pirates and Buccaneers: Seaborn Terrorism in the Early Modern World

HIST-UA 670 Utopias and Dystopias

Advanced Non-West Courses

HIST-UA 526 The Chinese Cultural Revolution in Global Context

HIST-UA 536 Underground Warriors and Empress Wu's Fashion: Material Culture in China

HIST-UA 569 World War II and the Fate of Southeast Asia

HIST-UA 570 Caravels of Caravans: Histories of the Sahel

HIST-UA 572 African Ways of Knowing

HIST-UA 629 Dutch Seaborne Empire

HIST-UA 721 Women, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Africa

HIST-UA 753 History of the Andes

HIST-UA 816 Nationalism and Global History

HIST-UA 709 The Cold War in Asia

HIST-UA 755 Cuba: History & Revolution


HIST-UA 910 The History of Apartheid South Africa

HIST-UA 911 Anarchism

HIST-UA 913 Europe - Political Violence, Economic Disruption, Revival

HIST-UA 920 Medieval France: From Regions to Nation

HIST-UA 931 WWII in East Asia

capstone seminars

HIST-UA 401 Italian Fascism

HIST-UA 413 LGBTQ Rights in the 20th and 21st Centuries

HIST-UA 441 Anticolonialism in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST-UA 471 Writing Stories/Making History

Honors Seminars

HIST-UA 996 Honors Seminar II

Cross-Listed Courses

HIST-UA 200 Greek History from the Bronze Age to Alexander

HIST-UA 292 The Second World: Soviet Empire and Development, 1917-1991

HIST-UA 737 Vietnam: The War and its History