Fall 2022 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Introductory Courses

HIST-UA 9 United States to 1865

HIST-UA 22 Renaissance and Early Modern Europe

HIST-UA 23 Espionage and the Making of the Modern World

HIST-UA 70 History in the Headlines

HIST-UA 79 Pandemics in World History

HIST-UA 93 Imperial China

Advanced US Courses

HIST-UA 112 Latino History

HIST-UA 293 Seminar in History of Medicine

HIST-UA 508 US Immigration

HIST-UA 647 African American History to 1865

Advanced European Courses

HIST-UA 213 History of World Trade

HIST-UA 262 The World of Medieval Magic

HIST-UA 263 Culture and Communism in Eastern Europe

HIST-UA 272 European Capitalism in the 20th century

HIST-UA 275 History of Economic Thought

HIST-UA 279 Contemporary Europe

HIST-UA 314 Psychoanalysis: History, Theory, and Politics—from Freud to 2000

HIST-UA 670 German History and Culture, 1500–1900

Advanced Non-West Courses

HIST-UA 370 "Authority" and "Disobedience" in the Early Modern Middle East

HIST-UA 375 Protest and Rebellion in East Africa: The "Dirty War" in Kenya

HIST-UA 536 The Concept of China

HIST-UA 562 Students and Protest in Modern China

HIST-UA 569 Connections and Encounters: China and the World in the Early Modern Period

HIST-UA 709 The Cold War in Asia

HIST-UA 721 The Vietnamese at War

HIST-UA 745 Contemporary Latin America

HIST-UA 755 Cuba: History & Revolution


HIST-UA 910 Slavery in New York

HIST-UA 911 Revolution in Latin America

HIST-UA 912 African Decolonization and Radicalisms

HIST-UA 913 Nations and Nationalisms in Europe (18-15-1947)

HIST-UA 914 The Beautiful Game: Hillsborough

capstone seminars

HIST-UA 401 Race and the History of NYU

HIST-UA 413 After Hours: The Social Politics of Recreation

HIST-UA 441 Incarceration: Histories

HIST-UA 443 Mobility and Mobilization in Japan’s Empire