Hebrew Language Through Film: Cultural Encounters wit Israeli Society

Prerequisites: Four semester of Hebrew or equivalent or permission of the instructor. An advanced language course conducted in Hebrew, focusing on aspects of Israeli society as they are portrayed in primarily 21st century Israeli films and television. The aspects examined include immigration and immigrants, ethnic groups within Israeli society, religious communities and their relationship to the secular world, the kibbutz , periphery vs. center, the Israeli-Arab conflict and military service. The course will foster a deeper understanding of the Hebrew language’s various registers and their manifestation in different social contexts and genres. The class will strengthen the students’ proficiency in the four language skills, with emphasis on listening and speaking. Students will be required to view films, and to engage in pre- and post-viewing activities such as reading background materials in Hebrew, participate in class discussions, and writing in Hebrew about the films. Program in Hellenic Studies






Fall 2022

Ilona Ben-Moshe
TR: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM SILV 507