Fall 2023 Graduate Courses


Aspects of German Culture: Jewish Modernities in Germany (1790-1933)

GERM-GA1116 | RELST-GA2467.001 | PHIL-GA1116.001 | COLIT-GA2917.001

Origins of German Critical Thought II: Martin Heidegger, Sein und Zeit (Being and Time, Division II)


Aesthetics & Anthrop of The Goethe Era: Aesthetics of Finitude: Jean Paul

GERM-GA2222 | CINE-GT319 | COLIT-GA2645.001

Topics in 20th Century German Culture: Between Berlin and Hollywood: A Cinematic Dialog

GERM-GA2224 | FREN-GA2892.002 | COLIT-GA2645.002

Topics in Cultural Analysis & German Thought: Plasticity and Anxiety: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience

GERM-GA 2703 | POET-GA2002 | Course originates as COLIT-GA3954

Poetics and Theory: Autobiographical Crash Sites: The Drama of Internal Alterity and Political Compromise