• MS Quantitative Economics

    Drawing on the combined resources of NYU's Departments of Economics in the Graduate School of Arts and Science and the Stern School of Business.



There are so many Master's programs out there — why yours?

And what about the many great “pre-doc” programs out there?

I understand you emphasize the learning experience. I am still interested in the signaling aspect, because I need to get into a top Ph.D. program. Your response?

Tell me more about how the MS in Quantitative Economics will understand and communicate my abilities to others.

Do I need an economics degree to apply?

What about mathematical background? Do I need it even if I have an economics degree?

What specific math courses should I have taken?

What about mathematical background? Do I need it even if I have an economics degree?

You mentioned a research practicum. Is there a research component to the program?

Who will be teaching these courses? I want to be able to interact with some of your best professors.

Oh wait a minute: don’t you have another Master's program in Economics?

Why do you have two Master's programs? In what ways are they different?

How many students will apply to your program, and how many will you take?

Impressive program. But how much is this going to cost?

Is there an application fee to apply to the program?

What you look for in a good MS in Quantitative Economics application? In particular, how important are the GREs? Transcripts? Letters of recommendation?

Are you going to look seriously at my personal statement?

Does work experience count?

Does it help to be in touch with an NYU faculty member in advance?

What proportion of the entering class is awarded financial aid, and what are the terms of aid?

If I do well in the MS in Quantitative Economics, do I automatically get into the one of the Ph.D. programs in Economics at NYU?

Is the MS in Quantitative Economics STEM designated?