Politico-Philosophical Texts in Classical Chinese

Prerequisite: EAST-UA 226

Please contact Xiaoxiao Jiao, Chinese Language Coordinator, at xxj1@nyu.edu.

This course is designed to be a continuation of Introduction to Classical Chinese (EAST-UA 226). Through close reading and understanding of selected foundational texts of ancient Chinese political and philosophical thoughts, the course aims to further familiarize students with important linguistic features unique to Classical Chinese and develop their reading comprehension skills in this highly stylized linguistic form. Readings will be selected from The Analects (論語), Mencius (孟子),Mozi (墨子),,Zhuangzi (莊子),Xunzi (荀子),Han Feizi (韓非子),Book of Lord Shang (商君書) and Springs & Autumns of Master Lü (呂氏春秋),as well as from writings by Han Dynasty thinkers such as Chao Cuo (晁錯) and Jia Yi (賈誼) . This course is particularly suitable for EAS or humanities and social science majors with an interest to consult these readings in their own advanced studies.






Spring 2022

Shiqi Liao
MW: 4:55 PM - 6:10 PM 60FA C14