Learning Chinese through Media

Prerequisite: Advanced Chinese II(EAST-UA 206)

NEWLY UPDATED POST-ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE Prerequisite: EAST-UA 206, 9206, or equivalent. If you need a permission code to enroll into the course, please contact the course instructor. If an instructor is not listed, please contact the Chinese Language CoordinatorXiaoxiao Jiao, at xxj1@nyu.edu before enrolling in the course. 3. Inquiries regarding proficiency level should be directed to Xiaoxiao Jiao, Chinese Language Coordinator, at xxj1@nyu.edu.

Thisis a 4-credits post-advanced level course designed for students who finish advanced Chinese study and want to further improve their Chinese through exposure to various media sources, such as films, magazines, newspapers, TV, Internet, and user-created content (UCC). Students will learn conversation and composition from the sources, further develop communication skills in Chinese, and discuss various topics related to contemporary issues in China.






Spring 2022

Xin Li
TR: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM SILV 510