Asian Art in Ny Museums & Galleries

PREREQUISITE: V43.0084 OR V43.0091 OR V43.0092 OR V43.0506 OR V43.0509. SAME AS V43.0507

The course will look at the Asian art collections/exhibitions in museums and galleries in New York City with a specific focus on East Asian art. Starting with artworks housed at two major art museums--the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, which contain one of the largest East Asian art collections in NYC, we will discuss the significant artistic/architectural traditions of China, Korea, and Japan, treating the subject chronologically from the Neolithic period to the present. The primary philosophical, religious, and socio-political contexts of these regions and their complex relationship to art will be discussed. The comprehensive study of East Asian art will be enhanced by a critical engagement as to how art museums and galleries as institutions present their artworks. By examining the major and minor art collections and exhibitions on East Asian art in New York City listed below, the course will teach students how to analyze and critique the artworks, the collection structure, the curatorial practices, and exhibition methods and develop critical and analytic thinking. If you need a permission code to register, please contact Professor Choi at

A hands-on fieldwork course that meets at museum storerooms and exhibitions, private collections, and commercial galleries. The material studied varies according to the museum exhibitions available at the time the course is offered. Emphasizes visual analysis and requires active discussion of the works of art. Particularly suitable for students interested in a museum or gallery career.






Summer 2022

Sooran Choi
TF: 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM SILV 507