Spring 2021 Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2021 Undergraduate Courses


Intro to CL: Reading the World


Poetics and Politics of Intelligence

COLIT-UA.141 / MEIS-UA 845-001

Cities and Modernism

COLIT-UA.200 / EAST-UA.596.003

Junior Theory Seminar: Keywords in Comparative Poetics: Mimesis

COLIT-UA.302 / LATC-UA 241 / SPAN-UA 403.002

Latin American Body Genres

COLIT-UA.550 / EAST-UA.569.004

Translation through Chinese Literature

COLIT-UA.801.001 / MCC-UA.100

Translating Knowledge Alphabets Across Media

Courses taught by Comp Lit Faculty Originating in Other Departments

DUS Approved Courses Originating In Other Departments

Spring 2021 Big Ideas Course Series