Xenophon was one of the most versatile writers in all of classical Greek literature. In addition to the justly famous Anabasis, which records the march of the 10,000 mercenaries out of Persia under his leadership, Xenophon wrote Socratic dialogues (as well as an Apology and a Symposium), a continuation of Thucydides’ history, short treatises on horsemanship and hunting (mainly with dogs), an essay on Athenian economics, a eulogy of a Spartan king, and the extraordinary proto-novel called the Cyropaedia, portraying the character of an ideal ruler – and more! And yet, it is only recently that Xenophon has begun to command a wider interest among scholars. Indeed, the International Xenophon Society (membership free) is only two years old. In the seminar, we will read selections from various of Xenophon’s works, situating him in the intellectual climate of his time and developing an all-round picture of this remarkable figure.






Fall 2022

David Konstan
T: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM SILV 503A