Senior Honors in Chem


Prerequisites: completion of the required core courses for the major and permission of the department. Open only to chemistry or biochemistry majors, entering their senior year, who have maintained an overall average of 3.65 in their course of study and in the courses required for their major. Required for candidates for the degree with honors. CHEM-UA 995 offered in the fall; CHEM-UA 996 offered in the spring. 2 to 4 points per term. In consultation with the director of undergraduate studies, the student chooses a faculty member to serve as adviser in an independent program of research in experimental or theoretical chemistry. The student selects an adviser in the spring of the junior year or earlier and undertakes the work that spring, the following summer, and into the senior year. A written progress report at the end of the fall semester of the senior year is required. The research is completed during the spring term, and the student presents the work at the annual College of Arts and Science Undergraduate Research Conference near the end of the term. The research culminates in the writing of a senior thesis that must be approved by the adviser and the director of undergraduate studies.






Fall 2022

Marc A Walters
M: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM 12WV L113