Fundamentals of Bioinformatics

REGISTRATION FOR BIOL-UA 124 IS FOR BIOLOGY MAJORS. ECOLOGY/BIOLOGY,GPH/BIOLOGY MAJORS ONLY, FIRST WEEK OF REGISTRATION. ALL OTHERS CAN REGISTERD THE 2ND WEEK. Student must also register for Recitation Section 002 or 003 Prerequisite: BIOL-UA 12 and Biol-UA 21 COURSE DESCRIPTION:: Bioinformatics is the development and application of computational and statistical methods to analyze large data sets from biological and medical experiments. This course will introduce fundamental concepts of major branches of bioinformatics, from the study of DNA sequences to the study of macromolecular structure to the detection of differential gene activity. Both web-based tools and basic R programs are used to illustrate concepts and practical applications. Students will perform hands-on analyses of publicly available data from genome projects and high-throughput experiments.






Spring 2022

Manpreet Katari
M: 11:00 AM - 1:45 PM 12WV L120
Veronica Sondervan
R: 4:55 PM - 6:10 PM 12WV L114