ATB: Microbiology

BIOL-UA 70, IS ONLY OPEN TO BIOLOGY MAJORS,ECOLOGY/BIOLOGY & GPH/BIOLOGY MAJORS THE FIRST WEEK OF REGISTRATION. ALL OTHERS CAN REGISTER THE 2ND WEEK. Course Description: In this course you will culture bacteria from soil and fermented food products. Bacteria will be isolated from these sources and identified using a variety of microbiological techniques. These include staining and using the microscope; culturing bacterial isolates under different growth conditions; subjecting the bacterial isolates to range of biochemical differential tests; and DNA sequence analysis of a gene from the isolates. The data obtained from microbiological techniques and comparison of DNA sequence with computer databases will be used to identify the unknown bacterial isolates. Once the isolates are identified, resistance to antibiotics will be determined and some of the genes responsible for the resistance will be identified. You will also test mutants of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis for the ability to form spores and culture bacteriophage. This course is designed to provide an investigative approach to learning many of the standard techniques of a microbiology lab. Prereqs: BIOL-UA 21 and BIOL-UA 44 OR BIOL-UA 50






Spring 2022

Michael Carrozza
M: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM; T: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM SILV 603