Day 1

Welcome and Introduction
Matthew Santirocco, NYU
Jordan Rogers, Carleton College and Del A. Maticic, NYU

Wandering Workers: Economic Mobility among Skilled Professionals in the Roman World
Claire Holleran, University of Exeter

Neither ‘Blissful’ Nor ‘Unaware’: Merchant Responses to Elite and Non-Elite Stereotypes in the Roman World
Jane Sancinito, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Day 2

Philotimia at Work in Roman Asia Minor
Rebecca Sausville, NYU

The Problem of the Vilicus: Ontologies of Knowledge and Work in Roman Elite Enslaver Ideology
Joseph Howley, Columbia University

The Flight of a Literary Assistant and an Unnamed Operarius: Between Professional Responsibility and Personal Duty
Nicole Giannella, Cornell University

Day 3

Labor and Religio in the So-Called fabri tignarii Relief
Jordan Rogers, Carleton College

Work/Life Integration in the Vergilian Project
Del A. Maticic, NYU

The Politics of Pesto: Making Metaphor Work (Moretum)
Tom Geue, University of St. Andrews

Arachne or the Metamorphosis of Labor
Marco Formisano, Ghent University