Strategies for Social and Cultural Analysis

This course examines the practice and theory of research methods that are commonly used in social and cultural analysis. We will study a range of methods, from the analysis and production of images, to interviewing and ethnography, to oral history and archival research. Each class will combine two elements: 1) Discussions of finished research projects that have taken the form of books and 2) Hands-on investigations. The first will develop skills in reading like researchers. This means probing the framework of each study and examining how the authors have posed and gone about finding answers to their questions. Each of the authors that we will read is especially reflective or creative about the process of research and their books will help guide us in “reverse engineering” their work. The second half of each class will take the form of a workshop. Some days we will select and analyze primary sources together; other days visitors will come to class to discuss their research process with us. Over the course of the semester, we will come to know research as a craft and assemble insights and techniques for developing future projects.






Spring 2022

Sophie Gonick
W: 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM 20CS 4SEM