Colloq in Amer Studies:

This course explores how notions of race have shaped U.S. cities over the last 150 years. We will explore such topics as immigration, the rise of residential and educational segregation, discrimination and deindustrialization, urban poverty, urban uprisings, suburbanization, and the experiences of Latinx, African American, Asian American, and indigenous populations in cities. We look at a wide variety of urban and suburban spaces where race is constructed in the built environment, including Chinatowns, "ghettos," suburbs, school districts, public housing and private developments, "red-light" districts, and "skid rows." We will pay special attention to how public policies shaped cities and suburbs and how activists and social movements challenged and reinvented urban life.






Fall 2022

Thomas J Sugrue
M: 4:55 PM - 7:35 PM SILV 504