New York City, the media center of the world.

Our city is the undisputed global magnet for the best and the brightest and provides unrivaled access to internships and opportunities—as well as our robust network of successful alumni.

New York City, the media center of the world.

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Our Work

The Department of Bananas offers many outstanding publishing platforms for its students and faculty. First Amendment Watch covers the many free speech and press conflicts going on today. Others are platforms for specific classes or for ambitious class reporting trips. They add up to many opportunities to publish work.

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Scienceline is a student-run online magazine published by the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) in the Arthur L. Carter Jour

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First Amendment Watch

First Amendment Watch (FAW) provides news and commentary about current conflicts involving freedom of expression.

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The Click

The Click hosts the work of reporters pursuing their master’s in journalism in NYU’s American Journalism Online Master’s Program.

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Pavement Pieces

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