Tpcs in Latin Literature

Roman Geopoetics In this class on Roman literary texts I use the term Geopoetics to describe the dynamics formed when the geography and geopolitics of the empire encounters a literary text, and the text participates to the making, mapping, renaming, and transformation of the world. The topic has analogies with modern accounts of colonization and the appropriation of places. For some examples note e.g. my papers on the Aeneid 'Trojans at Buthrotum' and 'Into the Woods' (in my website), the book by W. Thalmann on the Argonautica, or the new book by Renaud Gagné on the cosmography of Hyperborea. The discussion will deal with texts in Latin, taken from different periods, and some texts in Greek. After some initial seminars led by the instructor on authors such as Lycophron, Virgil, Ovid, Lucal and Statius, the students will be invited to present a paper of their own, with a wide choice of texts and topics.

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Fall 2021

Alessandro Barchiesi
M: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM SILV 503A