Latin Lit, Imperial Lit:

Survey of texts of Imperial Roman literature in Latin at graduate level. Emphasis on translation, grammar, style, coverage of major authors and works (Virgil, Seneca, Petronius, Martial, Statius, Tacitus, Juvenal, Apuleius, Claudian, Ammianus, Augustine), and on trends, approaches and methods of research. The choice will be oriented on the required readings for grad students.

Extensive reading in Latin prose and poetry of the Augustan and imperial periods. Texts are studied in chronological sequence, and major themes of early imperial intellectual history are explored. Readings focus on literature of the golden and silver ages in a variety of genres, including epic, pastoral, tragic drama, satire, epigram, letters, and historical writings.






Spring 2021

Alessandro Barchiesi
MW: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM ONLI