What kind of background do I need to pursue the MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies?

Is the program open to part-time students?

Can I start in the fall or the spring?

How large are classes in the MA program?

What is the language proficiency requirement?

Which languages are available at NYU that meet the language requirement?

Can I take classes in other departments?

How many CLACS students are pursuing dual degree/joint program studies?

Are there opportunities to research or study abroad?

Can I pursue an internship as a Masters’ student?

Where do CLACS graduates work after graduation?

Does NYU offer a PhD in Latin American and Caribbean Studies?

Are there scholarships and financial aid available for MA students?

Is financial aid available for international students?

Can the writing sample I send be in Spanish, Portuguese, or in a language other than English?

Who is my academic advisor? Can it be any faculty member?

How do I find professors who are working in my area of interest?

I want to take a class in another department. What do I do?

How can I take classes at Columbia? Can I take whatever I want?

I am not really sure how to use the library and its resources. Where do I start?

Are there other libraries/collections in New York City that I might want to consult?

I am interested in an internship. Where do I start?

What resources are available to help me find a job while in school? Or when I complete the degree?

How is CLACS involved in K-12 schools in New York City and how can I get involved?

What is the CLACS blog and how can I contribute?