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    Since 1966, NYU's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies has served as a nexus for students, faculty, and community.


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Faculty Spotlight

CLACS is home to a group of core faculty and also draws upon the strengths of more than 100+ research-active affiliated faculty.

Wynnie Lamour

Wynnie Lamour teaches Haitian Creole at the center using a deep cultural lens to teach a revolutionary language.

Odi Gonzales

Quechua instructor, writer, and poet Odi Gonzales was recently honored at the Feria Internacional del Libro Cusco.

Pamela Calla

Pamela Calla is a Bolivian anthropologist engaged with issues of gender, race, class, and state formation in Latin America.

Ana G. Álvarez

Ana G. Álvarez is currently working on a documentary on transwomen and repression during the 70s and 80s in Argentina.