Theory and Practice of Social Anthropology II

Following Social Theory and Practice I, this course will focus on a group of central anthropological concepts, examining their genealogies and limits. We look at the relation of theoretical and ethnographic practices as they developed in post-World War II and post-colonial contexts, as anthropologists grappled with rapid social change. Analyzing our own disciplinary and national locations has become an increasingly important aspect of the sociocultural fields within which we develop our research and writing. As a result, there is growing attention to multilayered power relations, social movements, practical consciousness, practice theory, invented traditions, and the production of culture as well as transnational and international flows of people, ideas, and goods. This course explores these transformations. The first half of the course examines the conceptual developments that followed from these historical changes. The second half uses this analysis to interpret contemporary ethnographies with particular attention to their methodological and conceptual tools.






Spring 2020

Tejaswini Ganti
R: 2:00 PM - 4:45 PM 25WV 102