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Brad Goldberg's dedication to animal well-being sparked the creation of the Animal Studies minor and MA, as well as the Center for Environmental and Animal Protection (CEAP).

"Animal issues touch on virtually every aspect of human life, and the moral status of animals should be of great universal concern. While Animal Studies programs deserve to be represented in academia, very few such programs previously existed."

Meet the Faculty of Arts & Science

"You can take any piece of humble trash and look at dozens of connections of material, culture flows, and economic relationships, and political connections."

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Arts & Science Impact Makers

NYU Arts & Science honored over 5,200 2023 graduates at ceremonies for the College of Arts & Science, the Graduate School of Arts & Science, and the Global Liberal Studies program at Liberal Studies. Read more here.

NYU Arts & Science Graduates Over 5,200 Students

In formal remarks from the commencement stage and one-on-one conversations, the 2023 PEP graduates offered insights into their educational experience. Read more here.

Graduates of the NYU Arts & Science Prison Education Program Discuss Their Experience

Six Arts & Science alumni were among the winners and finalists of the 2023 Pulitzer Prizes. Read more here.

NYU Arts & Science Alumni, Faculty Named 2023 Pulitzer Winners and Finalists