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“As supporters of the Center, we’ve become part of a culture of academic entrepreneurship promoting first-rate thinking in the study of mind and consciousness.”

Read more about Ed and Michelle Francisco’s decision to endow the Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness.

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Professor Robin Nagle on discard studies

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L: Dr. Constantina Theofanopoulou R: Dr. Sadye Paez

October 14, 2021

Why Do Humans Dance? New Research Fellowship Explores the Evolution and Neuroscience of Dance

NYU’s Center for Ballet and the Arts and the Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language at The Rockefeller University partner to investigate the genetic origin and evolutionary purpose of dance across different species with an eye to developing new clinical therapies.

Map of Cuba

October 6, 2021

Why Cuba and the United States Are Forever Linked

An NYU professor chronicles the complex and intimate ties between her native and adopted countries

In the nuclei, the portion of the cell containing the vast majority of genetic information, spots of the enzyme Pol-II appear, illustrating that genes don't share pools of Pol-II, but instead each have their own. Image courtesy of the Rushlow Lab, NYU

October 5, 2021

Genes Are Individualists, Not Collectivists, During Early Fruit Fly Development

Findings contradict previous scientific models that genes form hubs, share resources