Study Away

NYU Buenos Aires

NYU Buenos Aires, NYU's only study abroad site in Latin America, provides students with the chance to live and study in Argentina's vibrant capital. In a city that has long been home to some of Latin America's most influential authors, artists, and musicians, students at NYU Buenos Aires have an unparalleled opportunity to experience porteƱo culture firsthand while working towards a major or minor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. 

NYU Madrid

NYU Madrid, the oldest of NYU's study abroad sites, offers a unique opportunity to advance or begin your knowledge of the Spanish language and immerse yourself in both the European and Latin American traditions that comprise Hispanic culture. You'll find that the time you spend in the classroom will lead you to many discoveries each and every day. NYU Madrid offers undergraduate studies during the entire academic year (fall and spring), as well as the summer. NYU Madrid is also home to the one year MA in Spanish and Latin American Languages and Literatures.