Undergraduate Study Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Spanish language course to register for?

Students must take a placement exam in order to take a Spanish course. Please vist Language Placement for information.

I am a native speaker, which class should I register for?

We offer Basic Spanish for Spanish Speakers as well as Advanced Spanish for Spanish Speaking students; please contact the Director of Language Program at spanish.dlp@nyu.edu to help you determine which course is appropriate for you and also provide you with the necessary access codes to register for courses.

What are the prerequisites for Advanced Spanish Language Courses?

In order to enroll in an Advanced Spanish literature and culture courses students must take

SPAN-UA 200 Critical Approaches: Reading, Writing and Textual Analysis.

Does Advanced Spanish Conversation count towards the Spanish minor?

Advanced Spanish Conversation counts towards the Spanish minor. Only one advanced language course after SPAN-UA 100 will count towards the minor, Advanced Conversation is one of those courses.