PhD Financial Aid

Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship Program

All new students entering the PhD program in Spanish and Portuguese are fully funded for five years through the Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship program.  This fellowship package includes a full scholarship covering all tuition, registration, and service fees as well as the full cost of NYU student health insurance.  In addition, it provides a generous yearly stipend to cover living expenses (the minimum stipend amount in 2016-2017 is $26, 855) and a one-time, $1000 startup grant.  A number of these awards are enhanced by a Dean's supplement reserved for historically underrepresented minority groups.  For more information about the MacCracken Fellowship program, please click here.

PhD students are not required to teach as part of their MacCracken fellowship packages, but all students are given the opportunity to teach for at least four semesters as a language instructor or recitation leader if they choose to do so.  All students will receive the same MacCracken fellowship package whether or not they choose to teach.  Students who decide to teach will receive extra compensation in addition to their MacCracken stipend.  For students who teach four semesters, additional compensation would be at least $18,480.

GSAS Fellowships

The Graduate School of Arts and Science offers a number of fellowships for students at the dissertation level who have already received five years of funding through the MacCracken program.  These awards include the Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, the Mellon Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities, and the Lane Cooper Fellowship, among others.  For the 2016-17 academic year, two Spanish and Portuguese PhD students received these competitive awards.  For more information, see the GSAS Fall Awards webpage.

Fellowships and Awards

For more information about fellowships and awards, see GSAS Fellowships and Awards webpage.

GSAS Dean’s Student Travel Grant Program

The Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) provides funds to graduate students in the humanities, social sciences and sciences for travel to professional meetings and conferences to present invited papers or posters. The Dean's Student Travel Grant Program provides a total of 225 awards each year, in the amount of $500 each, to help students defray the cost of presenting their scholarly work. The grant may be used for travel, lodging, and related expenses. Applications for the Dean’s Student Travel Grant must be submitted online during the designated application period.  For more information and to apply, click here

Departmental Travel Grants

For the past several years, the Department has been able to offer a small number of travel grants to students presenting papers at academic conferences.  If funds are available, the application period for these grants will be announced in late August.  To be considered for a grant, students must be planning to present a paper at a conference during the current academic year (September- August).  Please note that these grants are subject to the availability of funds.  Department travel grants are offered only once a year. 

Summer Funding Opportunities

    GSAS Summer Fellowships and Graduation Awards

Please visit this page for detailed information about GSAS Summer Fellowships and Graduation Awards.

    Tinker Grants 

Tinker grants support pre-dissertation, preliminary fieldwork in Latin America. These grants are primarily meant to cover the cost of transportation to and from fieldwork sites, though 25% of the award can be used to cover other expenses as well.  These awards are well suited for students in their first and second years in the program. For more information, please visit The Tinker Field Research grant program.   

    Foreign Language Area Study (FLAS) Fellowship

Summer FLAS may be used for intensive study of any approved priority or less commonly taught language, including Quechua, Mixtec, Nahual, Haitian Kreyol, and Portuguese. Summer language awards may be used to attend beginner intensive language study programs in the U.S. or intermediate or advanced programs overseas that meet language proficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Education. Guidelines for Summer FLAS

    Summer Dissertation Writing Program

Doctoral students in any discipline and in the advanced stages of dissertation writing are eligible to apply to summer intensive dissertation-writing workshops held at the Berlin, London, Paris and Washington, D.C. institutes. Each site will be able to host an average of six doctoral students for a period of six weeks. Students from all fields and disciplines are welcome to apply to these workshops.

   NYU Remarque Institute Fellowships

For students working on European and Transatlantic topics, the Remarque Institute offers a number of grants and fellowships that support research and study at European institutions.  For the summer, the Institute sponsors the Jerrold Seigel Fellowships in Intellectual and Cultural History.  Click here for more information.