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SAME AS V29.0951.

This course examines the concept of chivalry as a social and literary phenomenon from its inception through the medieval and early modern period and into its more modern manifestations. We will explore the changes in what constitutes a knight as the militaristic facets of the title are separated from the social and political distinction the name implies. We will also discuss the role of the lady, in relation to the knight and as an independent figure, including female warriors. Finally, we will look at the decline of knighthood as feudalism gives way to a moneyed, commercial society. Looking toward our modern times, we will ask the inevitable question: is chivalry dead? [Cross-listed as an Advanced Honors Seminar]

4 points. See Topics in Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture (SPAN-UA 950) above.

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4 Points

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Fall 2017

Matthew S Tanico
TR: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM 19UP 405