Is soccer the site of a cosmopolitan and meritocratic exercise of beauty? Or is it always necessarily traversed by violence, nationalism, and injustice? Is it but one global game, or does it necessarily express a local particularity? How are we to understand a practice that exceeds the athletic, and dismantles clear distinctions between public and private, political and cultural, pleasure and pain? From F.C. Barcelona’s self-understanding as an actor in Catalan-Spanish relations, to the gender bias of organized sports, this class will consider the agents, practices, premises, norms, and transgressions that shape soccer, and its often uneasy dialogue with its “others.” In this class, we will approach sports (and especially soccer) as a cultural phenomenon that over determines discussions of gender, class, race, citizenship, and politics in Peninsular literature, film, philosophy, journalism, and video games.

See under section heading for prerequisite. When conducted in English, this course is numbered SPAN-UA 951. Offered every semester. 4 points. Sample topics include the medieval epic, Spanish mysticism, theory and literary practice in the Spanish baroque, Spanish romanticism, contemporary Spanish poetry, Spanish postmodernism, and contemporary Spanish culture.

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4 Points

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Spring 2018

James Fernandez
TR: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM BOBS LL148