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A recent biography claims that Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) is one of the most popular but least understood of Latin American writers (Benjamin Moser, Why this World). This course, monographic but not insular, aims to further the understanding of her writing and to examine the Brazilian and international reception that brought about her prominence. We will read representative selections of her novels, short stories, newspaper chronicles, and criticism about her work, considering the literary and cultural frameworks that shape them. The rise of Lispector's international reputation coincided with feminist interest in female literary production and with an intense debate about the possibility and nature of a feminine textual difference. We will discuss the feminist reception of her writing, including the critical / theoretical writings of Hélène Cixous, crucial in establishing Lispector's renown, and recent theories of intimacy and affect that particularly resonate with her texts. We will read excerpts from a first English-language biography that studies her life and work from the perspective of the Jewish diaspora. We will also consider the multiple ways in which writers and readers are encoded and addressed in her texts and reflect, more broadly, on the process of canon formation, as we examine this writer's entry into the short list of Brazilian writers widely known outside Brazil. Depending on student interest, this course may be conducted in either Portuguese or English. Papers may be written Portuguese, English or Spanish. All of Lispector's texts are also available in English, Spanish and French. We will read the following texts by Lispector: Perto do coração selvagem, 1944. Laços de família, 1960. A legião estrangeira, 1964 (selections). A paixão segundo G. H., 1964. Água viva, 1973. A via crucis do corpo, 1974. Visão do esplendor, 1975. A hora da estrela, 1977, A Bela e a Fera, 1979 (selections). A descoberta do mundo, 1984 (selections).

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Spring 2018

Marta Chaves Peixoto
R: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 19UP 223