For majors only, by permission of the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Dávila. Students wishing to do a for-credit internship should make an appointment to speak with Professor Dávila. Majors may apply for an internship for either 4 credits or 2 credits, depending the number of hours they work. Interns must work at least 10 hours for A 2-credit internship entails a minimum of 10 hours of work per week; a 4-credit internship entails at least 16 hours per week. Consult our Blackboard site to see available internships. In addition to the work, students turn in journals, meet with professor Dávila, give a presentation at the end of their internship, and turn in a midterm and final paper. You are welcome to pursue internship possibilities beyond those listed on the Blackboard site: if you find an internship on your own, make an appointment with Professor Davila to discuss it. A 4-credit internship, or two semesters of 2-credit internship may count as one course toward the major requirements for all majors in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

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