Honors Thesis Seminar

The Honors program in Spanish & Portuguese is a unique opportunity for students in one of our five major tracks to undertake a sustained research project. Students with a general and major GPA of 3.65 or above are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program. In the course of a year, students will be able to work closely with individual faculty members, while also having the chance to develop their own voice in scholarship and writing. The Honors program consists of a two-term sequence. In the fall semester, Honors students meet weekly in a workshop-type setting where they will develop their topics and projects under the guidance of the Honors Director and in discussion with their peers. By the end of the semester, every student will have a well-developed project, including a workable outline and a bibliography. Every student will also have found an individual faculty advisor with whom to work in the spring semester while finishing the Honors thesis. The spring segment of the Honors Seminar is devoted to the writing of the thesis (40-60 pages). Students will arrange for an independent study with their individual faculty advisors, with meeting times to be determined by each student and his or her faculty member. There are no regularly scheduled class meetings in the spring.

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Spring 2018

Sarah J Pearce