Cultural History of Spain

Prerequisite: Critical Approaches to Textual and Cultural Analysis (SPAN-UA 200). The course aims to provide you with a training in forms of cultural analysis appropriate to different media, by introducing you to a range of Spanish cultural production from the 19th century to the present (the large majority of the texts are from the 20th or 21st centuries). This time frame will also raise issues about the relation of cultural production to history. The material studied will include fiction, poetry, theatre, film (fiction and documentary), painting, poster art, photography, and architecture. Many of the materials studied raise the issue of Spain’s relation to modernity. Attention will be given to the ways in which cultural texts deal with the past; we will be interested in the ways in which cultural production helps to negotiate the relationship between tradition and change, or with how it engages with the ethics of memory. Several texts explore gender and sexuality, or youth culture. Others have been chosen to show how Spanish writers or filmmakers have engaged with other cultures (African-American, the Holocaust). We will also consider the role that culture has played in moments of political crisis (the Spanish Civil War, the post-2008 economic crisis). The course (including assessment) will be conducted in Spanish.

This course provides an introduction to the making of modern Spain through the study of key cultural practices in literature, visual art, film, and performance from the 19th century to the present. The course is organized around key concepts, which may vary by semester and by instructor.

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Spring 2018

Carlos Varon Gonzalez
TR: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM TISC LC4