Adv Fiction &Non-Fiction Workshop in Spanish


Prerequisite: Critical Approaches to textual and Cultural Analysis (SPAN-UA 200) or permission of the instructor. Offered every other semester. 4 points.The purpose of this class is to help students to refine their skills in fiction and non-fiction writing through close reading of short-short stories, short stories, and a novella, as well as personal essays and excerpts from testimonies and autobiographies written by contemporary Latin American and Spanish poets. In class, students will reflect on the creative process of prose writing, while they work on their own texts. Both fiction and non-fiction prose will be studied intertwined, in order to analyze and distinguish the specific craft techniques and structures that an author uses intentionally in each particular form. Some of the key elements of prose we will focus on include theme, plot, characters, setting, point of view and rhetorical devices. Collaborative work and individual meetings with the instructor are key to the dynamics of this workshop. Students are expected to be prepared for in-depth class discussions and to submit all the written exercises timely. They will also be required to do oral presentations of their work to be discussed by the group and to assist to two literary events on fiction and/or non-fiction prose throughout the term. At the end of the semester, they should submit an 8/10-page piece of fiction, and a 3/5 creative non-fiction piece reflecting on any of the aspects of this class.

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4 Points

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Spring 2018

Enrique Del Risco
TR: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM BOBS LL140